To be eligible for the program, the property has to be located in the program boundaries located within the headwaters of the Waller Creek watershed in North Central Austin.

The Map below shows you the basic areas for the next four program phases. Click on the – [ ] – icon in the top right corner of the map to visit Google Maps where you can enter your address to see if if falls in the program area, explore street names, or search nearby features in detail.

If your property falls outside of the current program boundaries, we are happy to help you find additional rebates you may be eligible for. There are lots available!

Currently the Rain Catcher Pilot Program is offered to select properties in the Skyview and Highland neighborhoods in North Austin.  From 2019 – 2024, it will be offered in phases to different sections within the pilot program area to facilitate the development of the program.

A scientific modeling exercise selected the headwaters of Waller Creek as the pilot program location. This small urban area is 1.08 square miles with 46% impervious cover and limited options for traditional stormwater controls. In the Upper Waller Creek watershed, significant historic stormwater monitoring data is available as well as ongoing water quality and quantity monitoring, so we can easily study the impacts of changes in the system when we add cisterns and rain gardens in the area.