Catch Rain, Catch Savings!

With every storm in Austin, rain rushes off of hard surfaces like roofs and driveways and flows toward creeks.

Rain gardens and cisterns can help address these stormwater issues and help you solve landscaping problems and add beauty to your yard! 

The speed and amount of that water can cause erosion and flooding problems on your property, and beyond. The runoff can also carry pollutants that damage plants and animals in our waterways.

Benefits for You!

The Rain Catcher Pilot Program offers incentives like rebates and discounts to eligible property owners to install rain gardens, trees, and/or cisterns that capture and slow down stormwater. Rain gardens, trees, and cisterns add financial and ecological value to landscapes, help with drainage issues, and conserve water.

Currently the Rain Catcher Pilot Program is offered to select properties in the Skyview and Highland neighborhoods in North Austin.  From 2019 – 2024, it will be offered in phases to different sections within the pilot program area to facilitate the development of the program.

Learn More/Get Started!

Click here for details about how you can participate in the program including information like: